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Long Term Car Rental offers a huge selection of ute rentals in Brisbane with market leading rates. Our fleet includes automatic dual cabs, single cabs and extra cabs in both 2wd and 4wd. We have a mix of luxury dual cab pickups as well as work utes with alloy trays and we also offer options for customisation.

If you need a long term ute hire, we can assist with fitting accessories to suit your needs such as roof racks, ladder racks and tow bars. We can also offer you a range of options ready to go for same-day collection.

We provide both short term ute rentals and long term ute rentals for either personal or commercial use. We have no minimum term and even accommodate 1 day ute hire.

Long Term Ute Hire

Ute Hire and Ute subscriptions are becoming increasingly popular due to the convenience and flexibility. If you need a ute rental for either personal or business use, we can provide a range of options and tailor a package to suit your needs and budget.

Whether you need a cheap work ute hire, a 1 day ute hire to move house or a long term ute hire in a luxury model, we have everything on display in our Brendale showroom and would be happy to help you choose! We are conveniently located 100m from Strathpine Train Station and 30 minutes north of Brisbane CBD.

Personal Ute Hire

Long term ute hire for personal use offers a more affordable alternative to buying or leasing, with a lot more freedom! For a fixed weekly payment, we offer you access to a reliable ute without any of the financial commitment or maintenance responsibilities associated with owning one.

Our long term ute rental gives you the freedom and flexibility to have a ute when you need it. Whether you are moving house, completing home improvements, going on a roadtrip or transporting a few bulky objects, you can access a ute for as long as required and swap into a different vehicle should your circumstances change.

We also offer short term ute rentals for personal use, billed on a daily rate. We are very flexible with our end dates and offer free extensions with no minimum notice period or modification fees if your project or move goes for longer than expected!

Commercial Ute Hire

Long term commercial ute hire has become particularly popular as it allows businesses to easily manage expenses, with no shortage or wastage of company vehicles.

With no lock-in contract, businesses can simply cancel or pause their ute rental if the ute is no longer required. Accounting for contract workers, probational staff, seasonal staff or projects with uncertain timelines, it is difficult for businesses to anticipate the exact number of vehicles they require at any given time. These variables are unavoidable and with a long term ute rental, they will no longer cost your business money.

Long term ute hire allows you to provide reliable transportation for staff and/or clients with no commitment or fixed contract. We have no minimum notice period, so you can simply hand the ute back when it’s no longer needed with no hassle to buy, sell, trade or refinance.

Commercial ute hire gives companies the freedom to scale their operations as necessary without being restricted to a particular vehicle. By choosing long term ute rental, you can access vehicles of varying sizes, specs and towing capacities to ensure you always have the right ute to suit your needs.

Renting a ute also saves business owners from paying recurring expenses associated with ownership such as registration, servicing, maintenance and insurance. Furthermore, it provides the freedom to upgrade or downgrade vehicles at any time to increase productivity or minimise expenses.

We have no distance restrictions on our utes and allow travel even to remote job sites.

Why Choose Long Term Car Rental for Ute Hire in Brisbane?

Whether you’re looking for a short term ute rental or a long term ute rental, you can get on the road with complete peace of mind knowing you are fully insured with roadside assistance and warranty. You also have the freedom to swap cars at any time throughout your rental if your circumstances change or even if you just feel like it! We offer unlimited free swaps and allow you to pause, modify or stop your rental at any time with no additional fees.

Our price match policy guarantees that we can provide the best value ute rentals for you and your business. We’re confident that our prices and quality of vehicles are market leading. However, if you do manage to find a cheaper deal elsewhere on a comparable make or model, we’ll match any written quote! If you’re ready to get on board with the best value ute rentals in Brisbane, chat to one of our friendly team members through our contact page or generate an obligation free quote online!


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