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How long does it take to get a hire car after I place a booking request?

We generally respond to car rental requests within 15 minutes if they are placed during office hours. If the car rental request comes through after hours, we will respond as soon as we open. Pending availability, we could have you on the road within 1-2 hours of making a booking. 

What if the vehicle I requested isn’t available?

If the vehicle you choose isn’t available for all or part of your requested rental period, we can provide you with several alternatives.

In most instances, we will have other vehicles of a similar price and size that may be suitable for you and we will send through a list of all these options.

You can accept one of the other vehicles for the full term or take the alternative vehicle until the one you originally requested becomes available. Once the car you’re waiting on comes in, we will notify you and swap you into it free of charge.

If the other options do not suit your needs, you can either adjust the rental period or cancel your request. We are happy to keep you on a waiting list and notify you of any new arrivals.

Is there a minimum rental period?

There is no minimum rental period. However, we charge a daily rate (not hourly) so if you only require the car for a few hours, you will still be charged a full day rental.

Is there a maximum rental period?

There is no maximum rental period. We will offer you the option to swap into a newer model vehicle generally after a year. However, if you prefer to keep the car you’re in, you are more than welcome to do so.

Are there any upfront costs?

We require a $500 bond and your first (weekly, fortnightly, or monthly) payment upfront for long term rental & car subscription customers. For short term or fixed term rentals, the full amount is payable upfront plus the $500 bond which will be refunded when you return the vehicle.

When will the upfront cost be payable?

If you would like to transfer your payment to avoid merchant fees, we recommend doing so 3-5 business days in advance to ensure the funds are cleared into our account. We will not release a car without clear funds under any circumstances. If you are paying by card or cash, you are welcome to just pay on collection.

Can I pay cash for the bond and first payment?

Card payments or electronic funds transfers are preferable but we do accept cash. If you are paying cash, you will still need to bring in a valid credit or debit card for us to keep on file.

Can I split the bond payment over my first few payments?

No. Unfortunately, we cannot accept partial bond payments. The minimum amount payable on collection is the $500 bond and your first week’s car rental payment.

Can I use my bond towards rental payments if I am not able to pay on time?

No. Your bond cannot be used to pay rental fees if you would like to continue driving the car. If you are returning the vehicle, we can credit your bond to any outstanding charges but not if you intend to continue the hire.

Is there a chance that I won’t get my bond back?

In most instances, if you have kept the vehicle in reasonable condition, paid your rent and driven in accordance with the KM allowance you selected, your bond will be refunded immediately on return. However, there are a few circumstances where all or part of your bond will not be refunded –

  • The car is damaged beyond reasonable wear and tear and no responsible party has been identified.
  • There is an excess KM surcharge.
  • There have been rental payments missed.
  • There are outstanding infringement surcharges.
  • The interior of the vehicle is heavily soiled beyond reasonable use i.e. excessive sand, dirt, mud, dog hair, spillage and stains or cigarette smoke/other odours that require extensive detailing or carpet replacement.
  • There is a transport fee or repossession charge.
How long will it take for my bond to be refunded?

We will refund your bond immediately and provide a receipt upon return of the vehicle (provided there is nothing to be deducted). Card refunds can take up to 3-5 business days to clear depending on who you bank with. If you need the funds from your bond to go into your account immediately, we would be happy to do an Osko transfer rather than a card refund to ensure the funds clear instantly.

Will my bond be refunded in cash if I paid cash?

No. We do not keep cash on the premises.

What happens if I can’t make a payment on time?

If you need to reschedule a payment, please get in touch with us via email at info@longtermcarrental.com.au prior to your due date. We can authorise deferred payments on a case by case basis if you notify us in advance. Email is preferable to calling for these communications so we can keep a record of authorised deferrals on your rental contract.

Will I be charged a penalty if I can’t pay on time?

If your payment is late without an authorised deferred payment, a late payment penalty of $2.50 per day will apply until rent is received.

How often do I have to make payments?

You can structure your rental to be paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly via automatic card payment or direct transfer.

What happens if my pay cycle changes and I need to change my payment date?

We strongly recommend selecting a due date that best lines up with your pay cycle so it is convenient for you to make payments on time. We are happy to change your due date and frequency at any time free of charge if your circumstances change. Please notify us of this via email at info@longtermcarrental.com.au.

Can I pay with my credit card for rewards?

You are welcome to pay with your credit card but merchant fees will apply.

Can I return my car early with no penalty?

We do not charge any penalty for early return. However, our rates are tiered depending on the length of your rental. On return, you will be charged the daily rate applicable to the period of your rental and refunded any remaining unused rental fees along with your bond.

How much notice do I have to provide to extend or return my rental?

We appreciate you giving us as much notice as you can if you need to extend or return your rental but we do not have a set minimum notice period. A lot of our clients are waiting on repairs, new vehicles, or holidaying without a set end date so we like to keep end dates flexible for your convenience!

If I don’t like the car I am driving, can I swap it without penalty?

Absolutely! We want you to have a good experience with us and love the car you’re in. If the car you’re renting is in any way unsuitable or uncomfortable for you, please advise us immediately and tell us why so we can recommend some more appropriate models.

Can I temporarily swap to a larger car for a few weeks?

We do offer temporary swaps for our long term rental and car subscription clients. If you are looking at a popular model in a peak period (i.e. an 8 seat people mover over Christmas) the long term discount will not be applicable to that period.

Are tolls included in my rental?

Tolls are not included in your rental. Jump on www.linkt.com.au to add the registration number to your Linkt account or set up a casual pass ASAP. If we receive your toll bills, there will be additional charges to cover the administrative expense of re-nominating them.

How does the KM allowance work?

Your KM allowance is worked out based on your average total usage over the whole period of your car rental. If, for example, you select an allowance of 72km per day but you drive 82km one day and 62km the next day, that will work out fine provided the cumulative total driven is under the KM allowance selected on return of the vehicle.

Should I change my KM allowance if I am going on a big trip?

Given that the allowance is worked out as an average, we generally find that one big trip won’t throw it out too much. If you’re just driving to a location, then parking the car up for a few days while you’re there it should average out. However, if you are doing higher KMs regularly over a longer period, you should consider increasing the KM package on your rental. 

How much will I be charged if I am over my KM allowance when I return the car?

You will be charged .20 cents per KM over if you return the vehicle over in KMs at the end of your rental car contract. This works out more expensive than upgrading to a higher KM allowance and paying as you go, so we strongly recommend keeping an eye on your KM use throughout the rental and upgrading your package if needed.

What if I’m not sure how many KMs I will be driving?

A lot of our clients aren’t 100% sure how much they drive on average before they start their rental. Many also have a change of circumstance throughout, such as moving house or job which changes their usage. Because of this, we are happy to increase or reduce your package at any point throughout your rental car contract. Just select the closest estimate to start with, then if you find you are driving significantly more or less on average after 2-3 weeks you can check back in and we can adjust this retrospectively.

Will I be notified if I am on the incorrect KM allowance?

We try our best to notify you if we recognise that you are going over your allowance. However, when the vehicle is not in our possession it is hard for us to keep an accurate record of this. We highly recommend keeping track of your own KMs or sending through a quick email to check in with us periodically if that is easier for you.

We are happy to check your average as often as you like if you send the current KMs through to us. From there, we can adjust the allowance accordingly if needed.

Will I be reimbursed for unused KMs if I have done less than the KM allowance at the end of my rental?

We do not provide a refund on a per km basis at the end of your rental. However, if you find you are driving significantly less than the km allowance you have selected throughout your rental period, we can downgrade your package for the full term of your rental which will give you credit for the higher rate you have already been paying. We strongly recommend keeping an eye on your kms for the duration of your car hire to ensure you are not being overcharged.

Will I be notified when the service is due on my car?

We will send you a reminder when your service roughly should be coming due. However, when the vehicle is in your possession it is hard for us to keep an accurate record of your kms. We set service reminders on the car and also have a sticker on the windscreen indicating when your service is due. When the service reminder light comes up on your dash, please get in touch to book in a service as soon as possible.

Do I have options for where to take my car for a service?

Yes. We prefer the car to come back to us for servicing where possible. However, if you are not local you can complete the service at any licenced mechanic. We cover up to $200 for a basic service as this is what we charge our retail clients. This can either be reimbursed to you or paid directly to the service centre. If your service quote is significantly more than this or you require tyre replacement or any extras, please get in touch with us to approve the pricing prior to having any work carried out.

What if I can’t come in for a service?

It is your responsibility to service the vehicle in accordance with the service schedule when the car is in your possession. Failure to service your hire car within a reasonable time frame is a breach of contract and can result in termination of your rental.

What is the best way to book my rental car in for a service?

You can book online through our website, email us at info@longtermcarrental.com.au or phone us on (07) 3144 1633. We prioritise fitting our rental clients in at a time that is convenient for you.

How long does servicing the car take?

A basic service generally takes 45 minutes – 1 hour. You are welcome to wait at our office or we can provide you with a courtesy car for the day.

Do you service cars on weekends?

Our service centre is not open on weekends. However, we are open for rental collection 8am-2pm on Saturdays. If you can only come in on a weekend, we can offer you a car swap for a vehicle of the same make and model that has been recently serviced, rather than you having to take time off to have the service completed.

Are wear and tear items like tyres included?

Tyres are included in your rental provided they require replacement due to wear and tear, not misuse or accidental damage. Punctures are not included unless you opt for additional protection within your rental fees.

Is cleaning included as part of the Long Term Car Rental?

We do not include detailing as part of the rental. If you would like to have the car detailed at our centre, we can arrange it but this would be at an additional cost.

Who should I contact if I have an accident in the rental car?

For all major accidents where emergency towing is required – contact Ready Towing 24/7 on (07) 3265 0000 or 0497 612 117.

If the damage is minor and the vehicle is safe to drive, please avoid towing where possible and notify us of the incident on (07) 3144 1633 or kurt@ltcr.com.au.

What information do I need to provide if I have an accident in the rental car?

Please ensure you get the name, address, licence, phone number, rego number, insurance company and email address for all parties/vehicles involved including those who witnessed the accident.

We also recommend getting pictures or video footage of the scene and of any damage at the time of the incident.

If you cannot provide contact information for the driver at fault the damage repairs will be your responsibility so it is very important to get as much information as you can at the scene.

Will I get a replacement vehicle if I have an accident?

Provided your rental account is up to date, we will provide you with a replacement vehicle as soon as possible.

Do I have to pay an insurance excess?

You will not have to pay an insurance excess if you are found by the insurer to be not at fault and can provide the details of the driver responsible for the accident.

If the damage sustained does not exceed the insurance excess amount, we will carry out the repairs as cheaply as possible and only pass on the cost to the responsible party.

If you are at fault, there is no at fault party or the at fault party can’t be identified and/or contacted, you will have to pay an insurance excess.

How much is the insurance excess?

Our basic insurance excess is $1500 for drivers over 25yo or $2,500 for drivers under 25yo or over 75yo. You also have the option to reduce your excess as part of your rental fees if preferred.

What if I am not at fault but I forgot to get the other driver’s details?

If you cannot provide the details of the at fault party, you will be responsible for the repair costs or insurance excess (whichever is less).

What if I can’t pay the full insurance excess upfront?

If you are continuing your rental and your rental fees are up to date, we can offer a payment plan to pay off your insurance excess in instalments.

Do I have to pay extra for the car rental if I am under 25?

Our rental fees are no different for drivers under 25yo. However, the insurance excess for driver’s under 25yo is higher than our standard excess.

Does my car have roadside assistance?

Roadside assist is included for most brands in our fleet –

Kia – 13 15 42 (if Kia is within 12 months old)

MG – 100 64 22 77 (1800 MG CARS)

Mitsubishi – 1888 648 7820

Mazda – 1800 034 411

Other brands please contact us directly on (07) 3144 1633 or info@longtermcarrental.com.au

If you are not local to us or taking the vehicle on long trips, we recommend opting for a brand with 24/7 roadside assist.

Can I drive the vehicle interstate?

We do not have any distance restrictions on our vehicles. Provided you return the car under the average KM allowance you have selected, you are welcome to drive your rental car interstate.

Can my car be dropped off and picked up from my address?

We can arrange shipping for pickup and drop off but this will incur a towing charge or delivery fee.

Can I use the car for rideshare?

We do allow our vehicles to be used for rideshare and food delivery. Please notify us in advance if you require your car to be ‘rideshare ready’ on collection. It generally takes up to a week to secure the Booked Hire Licence on the vehicle, so with appropriate notice we can provide you with your Booked Hire Licence, Certificate of Inspection, Insurance and Registration paperwork prior to collection so you can start working right away.

Does it cost extra to use the car for rideshare?

We do not increase our rental fees for rideshare clients. However, we do recommend selecting the KM allowance appropriate for your usage which is typically higher than non-rideshare clients. Increasing your KM allowance will add to the rental rate.

Can other people drive my car?

Yes. We do not charge anything for additional drivers and allow you to nominate as many drivers as you like provided they have a valid driver’s licence and are within our age allowances.

Is there a minimum or maximum age limit?

For insurance purposes, all drivers must be over 21yo and under 85yo.

Can I get a residents’ parking permit on the car?

Yes. We can provide you with a letter to arrange this.

Can I request a particular colour car?

You can request a particular colour if you have a preference. Depending on availability, we will do our best to accommodate. Booking in advance will make it more likely that we can provide the exact car and colour that you want.

Where do I collect and return the car?

Our depot is at 9/32 South Pine Road Brendale. We are open for rental car drop off/collection 8am-5pm Monday to Friday and 8am-2pm Saturday. If you require delivery or pickup, please get in touch with us for a quote.

Do you offer after hours pick up and drop off?

We do not offer after hours collection but we do allow you to return your rental car after hours if required. Please get in touch with us if you would like to return your car after hours and we can provide you with instructions.

What do I have to do to return the car?

You are welcome to return the vehicle at any time during office hours – no appointment required. To ensure a smooth process with having your full bond refunded, please ensure the vehicle is full of fuel and bring with you either a bank card or BSB and Account Number to process the refund. You do not need to have the car fully detailed, as long as it is in reasonable condition. If the vehicle is heavily soiled with mud, sand, animal hair, litter, stains, cigarette smoke etc. a cleaning fee may apply.

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