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7 Seater Car Rentals

When it comes to accommodating larger groups or families, nothing beats the convenience and flexibility of a 7-seater car hire in Brisbane. Whether you’re heading off on a road trip with friends or family, have guests visiting or just need the extra space for your daily drive, Long Term Car Rental offers the perfect 7 seater solutions for your transportation needs.

7 seater car hire

Types of 7 Seater Vehicles

At Long Term Car Rental, we have a variety of 7-8 seater car hire options to choose from. Whether price point, space or style is most important to you, we are confident you will be able to find something to suit your needs and preferences in our vast fleet of vehicles.

  • Mitsubishi Outlander & LDV G10: These are our entry-level 7 seater car hire options at the most affordable price point. The LDV has walk-through seating so is excellent for storage as you can fit luggage and equipment between the seats. If you are wanting to fit in anything long (like a surfboard) this is a great option for you!
  • Mazda CX8 & CX9: A stylish and sleek family car offering comfort in all 3 rows. Both Mazda options are a practical choice and similar in style, though the CX-9 is slightly larger with a wider boot space.
  • Mitsubishi Pajero Sport: The Pajero Sports are a larger 7 seater with ample leg room in all 3 rows. If you are travelling with adults (or tall kids!) in the third row seating these are a great choice. They are also 4WD if you will be encountering any tougher terrain on your trip, though we do only permit travel on gazetted roads.
  • Toyota Land Cruiser: The Toyota Land Cruiser is also a great option for holiday makers with 3rd row seating that folds flat into the floor for luggage space.
  • Kia Carnival: With luxurious features and seating for up to eight passengers, this car is the ultimate choice for family adventures or group outings but also very popular for long term car rental or car subscriptions for large families.

Why Hire a 7 Seater Car in Brisbane?

7 seater car hire in Brisbane affords you the luxury of comfortably seating passengers while still having enough space for luggage or equipment. With availability for both short term car hire and long term car subscriptions, 7 seater car rental is the perfect choice for a holiday rental or even just day-to-day transport for you and your family.

Family Friendly Car Hire

7 seater car hire in Brisbane is very popular with families of all sizes due to the flexibility of additional seating and cargo space. With fully convertible third row seating, 7 seater hire cars can conveniently fit luggage, school bags, sporting and recreational goods with the seats folded away, but also provide ample seating for when you have a car-full!

Being just a short commute from Brisbane Airport, you can also take advantage of Long Term Car Rental’s short term holiday rentals. Our 7 seater cars are available for short-term car hire with no minimum or maximum rental term, giving you the freedom and independence to explore your holiday destination at your own leisure.

Business or Corporate Car Hire

Whether you’re transporting clients, attending a conference or accommodating overseas/interstate staff, our 7 seater cars are a practical and convenient solution for corporate car hire. With flexible rental agreements and no lock-in contracts, you can enjoy the accessibility of having extra space whenever you need it! We have no minimum notice period, allowing you to simply hand your car back or swap it over when the 7 seater is no longer required… No paperwork, no fees, no buying or selling, no financing, no fuss!

Short Term and Long Term Holiday Rentals

Enhance your holiday experience with our 7-seater car hire in Brisbane, tailored to provide comfort and convenience for your travels. Whether you’re visiting Brisbane for a family vacation, or planning a trip with friends, a 7 seater car hire provides the space you need for both passengers and luggage.

With advanced safety features and flexible rental plans, you can relax and enjoy your holiday knowing your transport is taken care of. Our vehicles are fully insured with 24/7 roadside assistance and routinely inspected to ensure they are in perfect condition and good working order. With Long Term Car Rental, you can always feel confident that your car is both reliable and safe.


The Benefits of 7 Seater Car Hire 

with Long Term Car Rental

With Long Term Car Rental, you can enjoy all the benefits of a 7 seater vehicle without the commitment of ownership. Whether you need a car for a few weeks, months, or years, Long Term Car Rental provides cost-effective solutions tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Our short term car rental, long term car rental and car subscription packages all come with the peace of mind that you are fully covered with comprehensive insurance and roadside assistance. In the unlikely event that you encounter a mechanical issue, flat tire, flat battery etc. our dedicated support teams are available 24/7 to ensure your journey continues smoothly.

If you are interested in our 7 seater car hire, our friendly staff would be happy to answer any further questions and recommend a make or model that will suit your needs and budget! You can also view our full range and pricing by putting in your estimated dates on our homepage and clicking ‘continue’.


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