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Long Term Car Rental Brisbane offers corporate car rentals for both small business owners and large scale national and international companies. We provide simple, flexible, affordable transport solutions that can grow or shift alongside your company’s ever changing needs.

Corporate / Business Rentals

A fully customised car hire plan allows you to effortlessly manage car expenses, streamline business travel, and boost productivity for you and your staff. With full flexibility and no lock-in contracts, you can provide reliable transport with no obligation to employees on probation, seasonal staff, short term contractors or overseas/interstate consultants. We do not set a minimum notice period, allowing you to simply hand your car back when you don’t need it anymore… No paperwork, no buying/selling, no financing, no fuss!

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Many business owners opt for Novated Leasing or Chattel Mortgages to fund their company fleets. Aside from loan repayments and interest costs, this leaves you out of pocket for depreciation and with the impossible task of having the correct amount of vehicles at all times, with no wastage or shortage.

With Long Term Car Rental, you can choose from our huge range of late model vehicles or we can special order and even fit accessories to build a vehicle that works with you! We offer all the benefits of ownership without a locked-in commitment. This is also a tax-effective option that does not affect your balance sheet or future borrowing capacity.

There is no minimum rental period for corporate clients and we prioritise supplying you with vehicles as you need them. We can also arrange transport and have no distance restrictions on our vehicles, even for remote locations.

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