Benefits of Commercial Ute Hire in Brisbane

Commercial ute hire in Brisbane is a flexible and cost-effective solution for businesses to access reliable vehicles with no fixed long term commitment. Whether you’re transporting goods or equipment, travelling between job sites, seeking new business opportunities or meeting with clients, long term ute rental is a practical and affordable alternative to buying or leasing that can grow and change according to your needs.

Long Term Commercial Ute Hire

Long term commercial ute hire is becoming increasingly popular as it allows businesses to effortlessly streamline and manage transportation costs. With a fixed weekly rental payment, travel costs can be factored into commercial budgets with no additional recurring on-road expenses such as servicing, registration, tyre wear, maintenance and insurance.

The key advantage of commercial ute hire is the flexibility to increase or reduce your fleet without having to worry about supply shortage, paperwork or vehicle wait times. If you have the opportunity to take on a large project where more staff or vehicles are needed, we can provide these in as little as 24 hours pending availability. You can also pause or cancel the commercial ute hire with no minimum notice once your busy period is completed, ensuring your business is not burdened with any unnecessary expenses for unutilised vehicles.

Account for Seasonal Staff or Projects

For projects on a flexible timeline, contract staff, employees on probation or seasonal staff, it can be difficult for companies to anticipate the correct fleet supply at all times with no wastage or shortage. With commercial ute hire, employers can provide reliable transport with no minimum notice period to return and no hassle to buy, sell, trade or refinance when the vehicle is no longer needed. Commercial ute hire can even be paused in between jobs or discounted if KM usage decreases to minimise costs.

Choose Your Preferred Vehicle

Commercial ute rental is the best way to boost productivity while minimising both vehicle purchasing and maintenance expenses. Unlike a chattel mortgage or novated lease, long term ute rentals do not affect the balance sheet or borrowing capacity for a business or lock them into a certain make or model.

With Long Term Car Rental, businesses can access a variety of cars, utes and 4wds and swap at any time free of charge. This ensures you have the right vehicle for your needs and budget at all times, without having to buy, sell, trade, refinance or pay cancellation or swapping fees.

Travel To Remote Job Sites

We have no distance restrictions on our commercial ute hire, allowing interstate travel even to remote locations. You can also upgrade or downgrade vehicles accordingly to accommodate work travels with no charges or additional expenses.

Why Choose Long Term Car Rental for Commercial Ute Hire in Brisbane?

Whether you’re looking for a short term ute rental or a long term ute rental, you can get on the road with complete peace of mind knowing you are fully insured with roadside assistance and warranty. Our price-match guarantee ensures that we can offer you and your company the best value commercial ute rentals. We are confident that our rates and quality of cars are the best on the market. However, if you manage to find a cheaper offer elsewhere with comparable terms, we will match any quote!

If you would like to proceed with a commercial ute rental or have any further questions, head to our contact page to get in touch with one of our helpful team members today!