No Commitments, No Contracts – Our Short-Term Car Hire Solutions

Short Term Car Rental Options

At Long Term Car Rental, we also offer a range of short-term car hire options with terms as short as 1 day! With over 600 cars in our fleet, comprising compact hatchbacks, sedans, mid-size SUVs, 7-8 seat SUVs, utes, 4WDs and vans, we are confident we can provide a short term rental solution to suit your needs and budget!


When it comes to short term car hire, we understand that life gets busy, plans can change and sometimes you need a fast and affordable transport solution without a lot of notice! We offer same-day collection to get you on your way in a reliable, near new vehicle with no hassle or delay.

Whether you are on holiday, waiting for a car repair, travelling for work or waiting on a new vehicle, we can assist with an efficient and flexible short term car rental with no minimum notice period for return or extension.

Short term car hire provides a stress-free rental experience that can be easily altered to accommodate your plans. With flexibility on travel dates, return times and pricing, Long Term Car Rental offers the best quality vehicles, most efficient service and most flexible plans for a fraction of the cost!


Access to public transport can be very difficult in Australia without also utilising a ride-share or taxi service. These modes of transport can become very costly as an ongoing solution and also do not offer the convenience of being able to drive where you want – when you want to!

Short-term car hire is a much more cost-effective option and you can rest assured that you will not be left without transport if your plans change or you find yourself without other transportation for longer than expected.

We can arrange a short term car hire on the same day of enquiry if your vehicle has broken down or been involved in an accident. Additionally, if your circumstances change, you can extend your rental period or return early with no cancellation or modification fees. We will also refund any unused rental charges in the event of an early return or discount your rate retrospectively if you end up renting the vehicle for a longer term.

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No Lock in Contracts!

The best thing about short-term car hire is that there are no lock-in contracts. This is beneficial for both personal and commercial use, where the end date of your rental may be uncertain.

For businesses, the flexibility of an open ended contract is the perfect solution for seasonal employees, overseas consultants or contractors as vehicles can be easily returned when they are no longer required with no hassle or additional charges.

For personal use, short term car hire gives you the freedom and independence to explore Australia at your own pace, without having to navigate public transport while on vacation! Furthermore, if your car is off the road or you’re looking for the right car to purchase, short term car hire is a convenient interim solution to keep you mobile while you search or save money!

No commitments!

Short term car hire is very flexible in terms of the length of your rental, KM allowances and distances driven but also for the type of vehicle you choose. We prioritise ensuring that you are in a car that is comfortable for you and suits your needs and usage, so we offer free swaps if for whatever reason the car you choose is not suitable for you.

If you are interested in a short-term car hire, our staff would be happy to talk through your needs and budget and recommend a make or model that will best suit your preferences! You can also view our full range and pricing for short term car hire on our Short Term Car Hire page.