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Business Car Rentals

Long Term Car Rental in Brisbane offers corporate car rentals for not just small business owners, but also large scale businesses that manage global networks. We are a family-owned and run long-term car rental and automobile subscription service that offers flexible and cheap solutions for your business needs!

Long Term Car Rental can work with you to create a rental program that meets all of your company requirements. We can customise a business vehicle hire plan to assist you manage expenses, streamline business travel, and boost productivity for you as well as your staff, from short term to long term rentals.

Tailored Corporate Car Rental

Many business owners opt for Novated Leasing or Chattel Mortgages to fund their company fleets. Aside from loan repayments and interest costs, this leaves you out of pocket for depreciation and burdened with the hassle of buying/selling cars and having the correct supply at all times with no wastage or shortage.

Car subscriptions offer a solution that can grow and change with your business. No matter what you do, what you need or how many staff you have, we can tailor a subscription to suit your needs and budget. You can choose from our huge range of late model vehicles or we can special order and even fit accessories to build a vehicle that works with you!

At Long Term Car Rental, we offer all the benefits of ownership without a locked-in commitment. This is a tax-effective option that does not affect your balance sheet or future borrowing capacity. There is no minimum rental period for corporate clients and we prioritise supplying you with vehicles as you need them.

Our Business Car Rental Subscription

A long-term car rental or car subscription will provide you the freedom to pick the car you want based on your ever-changing business needs, without ever having to deal with the trouble of purchasing, selling, trading, or financing a fleet of vehicles again! You will have total peace of mind knowing that your fleet of business car rentals are covered by warranty, roadside assistance, and no unexpected maintenance fees. Not only that, but you will have the flexibility to switch automobiles at any time if your business circumstances alter.

Long Term Car Rental are now offering business car rentals in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Toowoomba and Ipswich. If you’re thinking this is the best option for your business, or if you simply have further questions, don’t hesitate to get in contact with the team today. We will assist you with a no-obligation benefit analysis. 

Any Questions? We’re Here to Help!
Telephone: 07 3144 1633 or 0403 764 982

What To Expect?

When you sign up for long term business car rentals through us, you can expect a wide range of inclusions with your subscription. We have covered all the simple but important items for your business needs, this includes:

✓ Registration, stampy duty & CTP

✓ 24 hour breakdown and roadside assistance

✓ All vehicle maintenance included

✓ Replacement car when it comes time to service your vehicle

✓ 26,000 kilometres per year calculated on a pro-rata daily basis

✓ New car manufacturer’s warranty

Our rental services are especially effective for businesses since it offers flexibility with no lock-in commitments. This ensures that if you have new workers on probation, seasonal personnel, short-term contractors, or overseas/interstate consultants, you can offer dependable transportation for them with no commitment – simply return it when you no longer want it! There is no paperwork, no buying/selling, no service, no financing, and no muss and worry!

Ready to Sign up?

Our team is ready to organise your no-cost benefit analysis anytime, if we sound like the right fit for your business needs, then get in contact with us on (07) 3144 1633 or email the team at