Rent for Rideshare!

Our rates are exceptional with no unexpected fees or costs!
Yes, everything is included in one affordable weekly payment!

Welcome to Long Term Car Rental! We are a family owned and operated car rental hire service that can get you on the road and making money RIGHT AWAY.

That’s right folks, you can rent or subscribe with us for rideshare!

Many subscription and rental hire services do not accommodate for rideshare customers. However, we have been selling and financing cars for 33 years and we understand the challenges with financing when rideshare is your primary source of income.

Many of our customers were faced with these challenges so we have done the legwork and found a solution to get you on the road and making money with minimal fuss and more importantly, minimal expenses!

We are offering an exceptional, all-inclusive rate with no surprises! This allows you to say goodbye to the dreaded depreciation, registration, insurance, finance and servicing costs and hello to using someone else’s car to make some money!

You will have complete peace of mind knowing your car is insured with warranty, road-side assistance and no out of pocket expenses. Not only that, but you will not have to suffer the loss on depreciation from doing a lot of kilometres in your car!

For rideshare customers, this is the absolute dream! We will keep an eye on your kilometres and advise you when the best time is to swap into a newer vehicle at no cost. You will not have to worry about buying, trading, selling, financing or losing money on a depreciating asset ever again. Also, you can be assured that you have a reliable, safe, late-model vehicle for yourself, your family and your customers with no unexpected servicing and maintenance costs.

We are now providing rental hire and subscription services to Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Toowoomba and Ipswich rideshare drivers! 

If you think this option might suit your needs or would like some further information – check out our massive selection of vehicles online and enquire today!

Happy motoring! – Long Term Car Rental

 What’s Included?

  • All vehicles are Rideshare compliant with a current Certificate of Insurance (COI) and Booked Hire Licence
  • All cars are fitted with GPS maps or Apple carplay/android auto for easy navigation
  • Free upgrade or downgrade at any time free of charge! Browse our huge range of new and late model vehicles and pick any car that suits your needs! Just give us one week’s notice for any changes
  • Ideal for people who are not in a position to finance a new car, but want to enjoy one anyway and earn some money along the way
  • Build up your credit file by making regular confirmable monthly repayments. The banks love seeing commitment!
  • Option to buy the vehicle at a greatly subsidised price after 12 months. Ask now for a price!
  • Registration, scheduled maintenance & tyres
  • Access to a replacement car if your car is involved in an accident
  • 24 hour breakdown and roadside assistance
  • New car manufacturer’s warranty
  • 78,000 km per year or 1500 km per week, calculated on a pro-rata daily basis
  • No huge financial commitment for a 3 or 5 year loan
  • Comprehensive Insurance ($1,000 excess)

What’s Excluded?

We’ve taken care of all the important things. All of your costs are bundled into one monthly rental or subscription fee making it easy to budget with no unexpected out-of-pocket expenses! You simply have to pay for your own fuel, as well as any fines or tolls you may pick up along the way.

Price Match

We’re confident we’ve got the best deal for you – but if you find a lower price we’ll match it!

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